Strengthening scheme of flat-packed container house when face the bad weather
Higos-No.7 typhoon landed the coast of Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong province, on August 19, 2020.     No. 8 typhoon "Bawe" landed in Liaoning on August 27th after Higos went  and it was the strongest typhoon that hit Liaoning (Northeast of China ) in decades. The Max. wind near the typhoon center is grade 12 (33 m/s), the Min. pressure near the center is 975 hpA. Bawe encountered cold air when moved to North of China,and brought unusually heavy rainfall to Northeast of China.     Let’ see the influence after typhoon: The simple container house was seriously damaged   Accident analysis 1. the section of the structure is too small,and thickness is thin, lead to the bearing capacity is small, then make the wall panel easy to fall off; 2. The top and bottom of wall panels are not strengthened by wrapping; 3. The defects of the container house system: the upper of the wall panel is only put in the U-shaped groove of the roof beam, there is no reliable bolt connection, and it is shallow to insert into the groove; 4. The plug-in joint of the wall panel is not firm, and the unit weight of insulation cotton is too low, lead to the overall stress is weak after compounding; 5. When the ceiling plate is too thin and less than 0.5mm, the rigidity will be too weak, it’s easy to break when encounter the bad weather 6. There is no reliable connection part between the roof ceiling plate and frame, and it is only installed in a flexible way. When the wind blows, the purlin will lose its stability instantly.     After the storm, the camp built by GS housing is still in it’s shape. Our house is safe and reliable,the strength has been passed the test of national testing institutions.  Seismic grade: 8, wind resistance grade: 12 Good air tightness and water tightness,can be used more than 20 years.         Bearing capacity of flat-packed container house   The falt-packed container house of GS housing is composed of top frame, bottom frame and corner posts. The top and bottom frame components are welded by cold-formed steel for main beam and C-section for secondary beam. The top frame& corner post, corner post&bottom frame are respectively bolted to an integral frame structure by 24 sets 8.8 grade M12 high-strength bolts.       The container house of GS housing passed the constant pressure spray test. Adopts the B-25 nozzle, 19.05mm water pipe, 230kpa water pressure, the test passed 5 mins and should perpendicular to the wall panel direction,as well as align with the upper and lower transverse joints with the 0.7m distance. Then check whether there’s any water seepage problem in the room. The product met the design requirements when there’s no seapage in the room.     The house adopts the steel beam stacking method to uniformly load all parts of the container house, as well load on the bottom plate and wall panel. And test the deformation of container house by photoelectric deflectometer under the loading condition. The final test results show that the wind resistance performance of the wall panel meets the design requirements.       Our container house is made of all cotton plug-in colorful steel composite board without cold bridge, and the interface is connected with S-shaped buckle, which will not cause cold bridge due to core material shrinkage under vibration and impact. The insulation cotton can maintain good thermal insulation performance no matter in high or low temperature environment. It is non combustible, non-toxic, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption performance, good insulation and chemical stability and long service life.   Strengthening scheme of container house:   South and southeast of China and other coastal areas are greatly affected by typhoons, Therefore, it is necessary to consider strengthening the houses and ensure the safety in case of rainstorm and strong wind. The specific reinforcement methods are as follows:     1. Special connecting parts are used to connect the container house horizontally and vertically. 2. One end of the steel cable is used to tie with the top corner fittings, and the other end is tied with the ground. The steel cable must  be tightened (by adjusting the tension with M12 bolt). Tie one steel cable each 9M (3 set container houses).   Drainage scheme of container house   The top frame of GS housing is calculated according to the heavy rainstorm level (250mm precipitation). the catchment velocity of new top frame is 0.05l/s and 3.76l/s to drain, The drainage speed is faster than the water collection speed, its performance is 2.5 times higher than the similar products. It is enough to meet the water storage and drainage requirements for the rainstorm.   The main beam of house top frame is made of galvanized steel with the special section, rolled by equipment and pre-laid the drainage ditch. As well, the waterproof adhesive tape, and waterproof fastener and waterproof glue shall be
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GS housing, the leader of the eco-friendly building
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GS Flat-packed container house helps the construction of Chongqing expressway
  The project of Ankang-Laifeng National Expressway from Fengjie, Chongqing to Jianshi, Hubei (Boundary between Chongqing and Hubei,China) is called Fengjian Expressway, with a total length of 48.477 kilometers. It adopts the standard construction of double-way 4-lane expressway, with a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a construction period of 6 years. Fengjian Expressway is an important part of National expressway network G6911, an important project of Chongqing transportation construction "three-year action plan", and an important link of connecting expressway in Chongqing Expressway Network Planning (2013-2030).       GS housing undertakes the building used by the management department of The general contracting project of Fengjian.Flat-packed container house helps the construction of Chongqing expressway, unclogs local traffic capillaries, and leads the wave of prefab architecture era. Innovative technology support, low-carbon green construction, to provide customers with reliable quality, safety, well-equipped garden smart camp.         Project name: Fengjian High-speed General Contractor Project Company name: Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., LTD Project location: Chongqing Project construction: Chengdu GS Housing Co.,Ltd. Project scale: 190  flat-packed container houses       The project adopts the central axisymmetric layout, used 190 sets flat-packed container houses and 946㎡ fast installed house. The main building of the project is made of modular houses with three storey,and the external aisle boxes, which are fully covered by broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The perimeter is reinforced with twice steel bars, ensures the safety of the house, at the same time, the bright orange will create a visual focus in the deep blue, as well as reflected with Chongqing construction logo.           The functional areas on both sides of the project main building are constructed with the fast-installed house. The fast-installed house has large span and high height, suitable for creating various large space places. The two fast installation rooms of this project are large-span spatial structure with 5m net height and a span of 13.5 meters. They are respectively equipped with large meeting room, restaurant, VIP reception room, activity room, leisure room, wisdom hall and other functional areas.                         GS Housing prefab fast installed house to safe and efficient, strong and durable "high strength cold bending galvanized profile" for the frame, can be installed very fast and convenient , in addition, this structure has a strong seismic, deformation resistance capacity. Wall materials is made with the performance of decorative, functional, thermal insulation, environmental protection. Various house can be customized and designed according to the actual space. Small span structure scheme, indoor net height is up to 2.65 meters, depth : 6 meters.       Large span structure scheme, 5m indoor net height, 3.45m column distance, can be used for exhibition hall, workshop, large conference room, warehouse, etc.     In response to the national green prefabricated building design concept, GS fast installed house  achieves no glue, no paint, no welding operations, can be used for many times, and easy to move.   In order to make the life more convenience, the project also sets up the men's and women's toilet, shower room, closet room.... and other functional areas. The flat-packed container house can be modularized, industrialized and prefabricated in the factory. Water, electric circuit, lighting and other facilities can be assembled into finished products in the factory  The surface of all standard components of the houses has been polished, galvanized, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, and the service life can reach 20 years. It is the best choice of cost performance.                  
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To realize the sustainable development of buildings, the prefabricated modular buildings set off a revolution in the industry!
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GS Housing Exhibitions
Since the establishment of the International Department in 2016, GS Housing has increased its close ties with central enterprises and foreign customers by participating in the exhibitions in Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Pakistan... and internal forums in the industry. Within 4 years, GS housing products were exports more than 200 million RMB, most of the projects are distributed in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Such as Russia, Pakistan, Bolivia, Chile, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, PNG, Malaysia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Gambia, etc.  
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GS Housing & Beijing Urban Construction Group built the builders homes in Xiongan New District,China!
Until to April 17th, more than 3,000 integrated container houses of Xiong'an New District No. 2 Campsite Project has been completed and passed the inspection of Beijing Urban Construction Group.   Project Overview   Project Name: Xiong'an New District No. 2 Campsite Project  Location: Xiong'an New District,China Quantity: 1143 container houses   Project scale   Xiong'an New District No. 2 Campsite Project covers an area of about 55,000 square meters with a total of more than 3,000 houses. After completion, it will become a comprehensive living community including office buildings, dormitories, living facilities, fire stations, reclaimed water stations and other facilities, which can accommodate approximately 6,500 builders and 600 managers to live and work.       Technical team to support work on-site   One of GS housing comprehensive technical engineer went to the project site, and deal the technical difficulties with Party A’s technical staff from time to time, as well as discussing the technical implementation methods of the Builder's Home, improving the technical points of the project drawings continuously.   On-site assembly     GS Housing has an independent engineering company, which is the rear guarantee for GS Housing. It undertakes the construction tasks of all projects. There are 17 teams and all team members have undergone professional training. During construction operations, they have continuously improved their awareness of safe construction, civilized construction and green construction.      
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