To realize the sustainable development of buildings, the prefabricated modular buildings set off a revolution in the industry!

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To realize the sustainable development of buildings, the prefabricated modular buildings set off a revolution in the industry!

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The modular building system takes each room as a modular unit, which is prefabricated in the factory, and assembled into the building on site through reliable connection. The unit structure makes the building more flexibility, allowing people to build their own houses like building blocks. Modular architecture is not a new topic. In the 20th century, Le Corbusier proposed the concept of "house is a machine for living", hoping that the building could get rid of the limitations of materials and structure,  become a space product more in line with human needs.


First of all, modular buildings can fully respond to change in usage. Traditional buildings and building sites are closely interdependent. The life of buildings is at least several decades or even hundreds of years. However, the users and ways of use in buildings may undergo many changes. Traditional construction methods are usually powerless to this kind of change, and can only be changed through interior decoration, which brings a lot of waste. The modular building can adjust the space and structure of the building according to the needs of users, which can not only meet the functional demands of users, but also save limited space and resources.


Secondly,the damage to the land by modular buildings is minimal. Modern buildings dominated by reinforced concrete will cause great damage to the land after they were demolished. Especially in some beautiful natural environments, the impact of land erosion by urbanized buildings is irreversible. If we do not change the way we build, the earth we see will be full with scars in the end.


Thirdly, the modular building achieves the maximum prefabrication and reduces the construction difficulty. Traditional construction on-site operation might occur a series of problems, such as dependence on field seasons and climate, air pollution, un-control on the construction,and high labor costs, etc., modular building can greatly reduce these problems: speed up the construction progress, reduce the pollution, and control the cost.


Finally, modular buildings can improve the quality of living space. Formaldehyde is found in the glue and paint used in traditional interior decoration. The modular building adopts industrial standards, strictly controls the process of materials, and conducts quality inspection for the houses when ship, which can be checked in immediately.



Compared with the traditional building model, prefabricated building has many incomparable advantages and a promising prospect. Plus innovation on science and technology will accelerate the application of many new technologies, some problems at this stage will also be solved in the subsequent developing , the process of industrialized society, highly industrialized modular architecture will be have a clear development in the future, may trigger the construction industry of the industrial revolution in the 21st century.


GS housing will also conform to the trend of The times, continue to carry out independent research and innovation,improve our own technical level day after day, and guarantee our own construction ability, improve the comprehensive ability of enterprises in an all-round way. In the development road of modular prefab building, keep pace with The Times, down-to-earth, strive to be the most qualified modular housing system service providers.


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