GS housing, the leader of the eco-friendly building

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GS housing, the leader of the eco-friendly building

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In recent years, the advantages of prefabricated building are recognized by people, and gradually become a new hot spot of construction technology. With China's economic development entering the high-speed track, infrastructure construction is booming all over the country. At the same time, the concept of "caring for the environment, low-carbon and environmental protection" advocated by the state is warmly pursued. More and more construction enterprises begin to pay attention to the establishment of enterprise image. The quality of Engineering camp affects the image of construction enterprises and the evaluation of engineering quality directly. Therefore, the beautiful and safe prefabricated building has gradually become the first choice for construction enterprises to build engineering camps.



GS housing has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of prefabricated buildings for many years. It has reached long-term project cooperation with many large enterprises, and continues to provide high-quality houses for customers.


The flat packed container house of GS housing is composed of top frame , bottom frame, corner post and several interchangeable wall panels. By adopting modular design concept and production technology, one flat packed container house can be modularized into standard parts, which can be assembled or hoisted on site. The house is made of high-strength cold-formed galvanized steel members, all of the thermal insulation materials are made of non combustible materials, and the plumbing, electrical, decoration and supporting functions are all prefabricated in the factory, and no secondary construction is required. It has the advantages of simple structure, safety, low requirement on foundation, quick on-site installation, convenient movement, many times turnover and long service life.


Recent Projects











International Projects


The state advocates the “one belt&road” policy, which has greatly affected the economic development of all countries along the line. And bring fresh vitality to the development of our country's economy. With the development of the country, GS housing has the opportunity to travel around the world and contribute to the society. From domestic to international, GS housing has embarked on a solid, pioneering, fearless and innovative new road of cooperation.


Mongolia Project



Kazakhstan Project



Cambodia Project



Pakistan Project



Application field


GS housing closely follows the current market development trend, environmental protection, energy saving, safety, efficient modular house are more and more favored by the community. Engineering camp, military camp, tourist camp, public welfare, disaster relief and so on are our current focus, GS housing will try our best to create a "green project, peace of mind camp".






Military Camp






The modular house can be customized for the office, accommodation, conference, bathroom, kitchen, exhibition hall, command post, storage, entertainment room and other functions to meet the temporary or long-term needs of customers for space.



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GS Housing strives to be the most qualified modular housing system service provider, closely follow the national “Belt and Road” strategy, And Using high-quality products and comprehensive services to become a camp construction expert in the field of international engineering camp construction.











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